Synonyms of harlot in English:


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prostitute, whore, call girl, sex worker, white slave

promiscuous woman, slut, hussy

euphemistic model, escort, masseuse

fille de joie, demi-mondaine, grande horizontale


informal pro, tail, brass nail, tom, ho, woman on the game, working girl, member of the oldest profession, floozie, moll

British informal scrubber, slag, slapper

North American informal hooker, tramp, hustler, roundheel

dated tart, streetwalker, woman of the streets, woman of the night, scarlet woman, loose woman, fallen woman, woman of easy virtue, cocotte

strumpet, courtesan, trollop, wanton, woman of ill repute, lady of pleasure, Cyprian, doxy, drab, quean, trull, wench