Synonyms of gush in English:


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1‘the white waters gushed through the weir’


surge, burst, spout, spurt, jet, stream, rush, pour, spill, well out, cascade, flood

flow, run, issue, emanate

British informal sloosh

rare disembogue

2‘they were gushing about her dress for the dance’


enthuse, over-enthuse, be enthusiastic, be effusive, effuse

rave, rhapsodize, go into raptures, wax lyrical, effervesce, bubble over

get carried away, make too much of, overstate the case, praise to the skies

informal go mad, go crazy, go wild, get all worked up, go over the top

British informal big something up

North American informal ballyhoo

dated cry something up


1‘the pipe sent forth a gush of water’


surge, stream, spurt, jet, spout, outpouring, outflow, burst, rush, cascade, flood, torrent, sweep

technical flux, efflux