Synonyms of grass in English:


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1‘he sat down on the grass’


turf, greenery, green, sod

lawn, field, pasture, meadow, grassland, grasslands

blades of grass

South African veld

literary sward, mead, lea

2‘they spent their afternoons smoking grass’


cannabis, marijuana, hashish, bhang, hemp, kef, kif, charas, ganja, sinsemilla

dope, hash, pot, blow, draw, stuff, Mary Jane, tea, the weed, gold, green, mezz, skunkweed, skunk, reefer, rope, smoke, gage, boo, charge, jive, mootah, pod

British wacky backy

North American locoweed

South African dagga, zol

3‘few pubs were without a grass or an undercover policeman’


informer, mole, stool pigeon

snitch, snout, stoolie, whistle-blower, snake in the grass, supergrass, rat, scab, nose


North American fink


1‘the hill is completely grassed’


cover with grass, grass over, turf, lay grass on

2‘he was suspected of grassing on the airport robbers’


inform, tell

give away, betray, denounce, sell out, be a Judas to

split, blow the whistle, rat, peach, squeal, squeak, do the dirty, grass up, tell tales about, spill the beans about, stitch up, sell down the river

sneak, shop

North American drop a dime, drop the dime, finger, rat out, job

NZ Australian dob, pimp, pool, shelf, put someone's pot on, point the bone at

Northern Irish Scottish tout

archaic delate


keep quiet about, protect