Synonyms of go wrong in English:

go wrong

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1‘there's no need to beat yourself up if you go wrong’


make a mistake, make an error, err, make a blunder, blunder, go astray, miscalculate, be incorrect, be wide of the mark, trip up

informal slip up, screw up, make a boo-boo, make a bloomer

British informal boob, drop a clanger

2‘their plans to poison him went wrong’


go awry, go amiss, go adrift, go off course, fail, not succeed, be unsuccessful, go badly, be ruined, fall through, fall flat, fall apart, come apart at the seams, break down, come to nothing, flounder, collapse, meet with disaster, backfire, rebound, boomerang, misfire, miscarry, abort

informal come to grief, flop, come a cropper, go haywire, bite the dust, go up in smoke

3‘the new television sets will contain fewer components to go wrong’


break down, malfunction, fail, stop working, stop functioning, cease to function, crash, give out, go out of control, develop a fault, act up, be defective

informal be on the blink, conk out, go kaput, go phut, go haywire, bite the dust, have had it

British informal play up, pack up

4‘young people who go wrong’


go astray, err, do wrong, commit a crime, commit a sin, fall into a life of crime, get into bad ways, stray from the straight and narrow, fall from grace

informal go to the dogs