Synonyms of go on in English:

go on

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1‘the lecture went on for three hours’


last, continue, carry on, run on, proceed

endure, persist, stay, remain


2‘she went on about how much she loved the sea’


talk at length, ramble, rattle on, talk on and on, carry on talking, chatter, prattle, prate, gabble, maunder, blether, blather, twitter

informal gab, yak, yackety-yak, yabber, yatter, shoot one's mouth off

British informal witter, rabbit, natter, waffle, chunter

North American informal run off at the mouth

3‘I'm not sure what went on that night’


happen, take place, occur, transpire

North American informal go down

literary come to pass, betide, chance

rare eventuate, hap