Synonyms of glorify in English:


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1‘their prime purpose is to glorify God’


give praise to, praise, extol, exalt, laud, worship, revere, reverence, venerate, pay homage to, pay tribute to, honour, adore, thank, give thanks to, bless

archaic magnify

2‘a poem written to glorify the memory of those men killed in the war’


ennoble, exalt, elevate, lift up, add dignity to, dignify, add lustre to, add distinction to, enhance, increase, augment, promote, boost

praise, sing the praises of, sound the praises of, celebrate, honour, extol, laud, eulogize, hymn, lionize, acclaim, applaud, hail

glamorize, aggrandize, idealize, romanticize, put on a pedestal, enshrine, apotheosize, canonize, immortalize

British informal big up

dated cry up

rare emblazon, panegyrize, heroize


dishonour, vilify