Synonyms of gloomy in English:


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1‘a gloomy room filled with mahogany furniture’


dark, ill-lit, poorly lit, shadowy, sunless, dim, sombre, dingy, frowzy, drab, dismal, dreary, murky, depressing, unwelcoming, uninviting, cheerless, joyless, comfortless, funereal

grey, leaden, overcast, cloudy

literary crepuscular, tenebrous

rare Stygian, Tartarean, caliginous, subfusc


bright, sunny, well lit

2‘Joanna looked gloomy’


despondent, downcast, downhearted, dejected, disconsolate, dispirited, crestfallen, cast down, depressed, disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, demoralized, desolate, heavy-hearted, in low spirits, low-spirited, sad, unhappy, glum, full of gloom, doleful, melancholy, miserable, woebegone, mournful, sorrowful, forlorn, long-faced, fed up, in the doldrums, subdued, wretched, lugubrious, Eeyorish, morose, sepulchral, saturnine, dour, mirthless, woeful

informal blue, down, down in the mouth, down in the dumps

British informal brassed off, cheesed off, looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny

literary dolorous

archaic chap-fallen, adust


happy, cheerful

3‘gloomy forecasts about the economy’


pessimistic, depressing, downbeat, looking on the black side, disheartening, disappointing, dispiriting, unpromising, unfavourable, bleak, bad, dark, black, sombre, melancholy, saddening, distressing, grim, cheerless, comfortless, hopeless


optimistic, upbeat