Synonyms of get away in English:

get away

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1‘the prisoners got away’


escape, run away, run off, get out, break out, break free, get free, break loose, make a break for it, bolt, flee, fly, take flight, make off, take off, decamp, abscond, take to one's heels, make a escape, make one's escape, make good one's escape, make a getaway, make one's getaway, beat a hasty retreat, show a clean pair of heels, run for it, make a run for it

disappear, vanish, slip away, steal away, sneak away

get out of someone's clutches

informal do a bunk, do a moonlight flit, cut and run, skedaddle, skip, head for the hills, do a disappearing act, do a vanishing act, fly the coop, take French leave, scarper, vamoose, hightail it, leg it

British informal do a runner, hook it

North American informal take a powder, go on the lam