Synonyms of gall in English

: gall1gall2


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1‘Melanie had the gall to ask Nick for money’


impudence, insolence, impertinence, cheek, cheekiness, nerve, audacity, brazenness, effrontery, temerity, presumption, presumptuousness, brashness, shamelessness, pertness, boldness

bad manners, rudeness, impoliteness

informal brass neck, brass, neck, face, chutzpah, cockiness

British informal sauce, sauciness

Scottish informal snash

North American informal sass, sassiness, nerviness

dated, informal hide

British dated, informal crust

rare malapertness, procacity, assumption

2‘scholarly gall was poured forth upon this work’


acrimony, resentment, rancour, sourness, acerbity, asperity

bitterness, bile, spleen, malice, spite, spitefulness, malignity, venom, vitriol, poison, malevolence, virulence, nastiness, animosity, antipathy, hostility, enmity, bad blood, ill feeling, ill will, animus

literary choler

Synonyms of gall in English

: gall1gall2


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1‘this was a gall that she frequently had to endure’


irritation, irritant, annoyance, vexation, pest, nuisance, provocation, bother, torment, plague, source of vexation, source of irritation, source of annoyance, thorn in one's flesh, thorn in one's side

informal aggravation, peeve, pain, pain in one's neck, bind, bore, headache, hassle

Scottish informal nyaff, skelf

North American informal pain in the butt, nudnik, burr under someone's saddle

NZ Australian informal nark

2‘a bay horse with a gall on its side’


sore, ulcer, ulceration, canker

abrasion, scrape, scratch, graze, chafe


1‘it galled him to have to sit impotently in silence’


irritate, annoy, vex, make angry, make cross, anger, exasperate, irk, pique, put out, displease, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, antagonize, get on someone's nerves, rub up the wrong way, ruffle, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles

infuriate, madden, drive to distraction, goad, provoke

informal aggravate, peeve, hassle, miff, rile, nettle, needle, get, get to, bug, hack off, get under someone's skin, get in someone's hair, get up someone's nose, put someone's nose out of joint, get someone's goat, rattle someone's cage, get someone's dander up, drive crazy, drive mad, drive round the bend, drive round the twist, drive up the wall, make someone see red

British informal wind up, nark, get across, get on someone's wick, give someone the hump

North American informal tee off, tick off, burn up, rankle, ride, gravel

NZ informal rark

dated, informal give someone the pip

rare exacerbate, hump, rasp

2‘the straps galled their shoulders’


chafe, abrade, rub, rub against, rub painfully, rub raw, scrape, graze, skin, scratch, rasp, bark, fret

rare excoriate