Synonyms of fume in English:


See definition of fume


1‘a liquid which fumes in moist air’


emit smoke, emit gas, smoke

archaic reek

2‘I am absolutely fuming that our young people are missing out again’


be furious, be enraged, be angry, seethe, smoulder, simmer, boil, be livid, be incensed, bristle, be beside oneself, spit, chafe

rage, rant and rave, lose one's temper, lose control, explode, flare up, go berserk, bluster

informal be up in arms, be hot under the collar, be at boiling point, be all steamed up, get steamed up, get worked up, fly off the handle, foam at the mouth, raise the roof, flip one's lid, blow one's top, hit the roof, go up the wall, blow a fuse, see red

British informal spit feathers


1fumes‘a fire giving off toxic fumes’


smoke, vapour, gas, exhalation, exhaust, effluvium, pollution

archaic miasma

2fumes‘her perfume overpowered the tobacco fumes’


smell, stink, reek, stench, odour

British informal pong, niff, whiff, hum

Scottish informal guff

North American informal funk

rare fetor, malodour, mephitis