Synonyms of frippery in English:


See definition of frippery


1‘a functional building with not a hint of frippery’


ostentation, showiness, embellishment, ornamentation, ornament, adornment, decoration, trimming, garnishing, garnishment, gilding, beautification, prettification, gingerbread

finery, luxury

informal flashiness, glitz, glitziness, bells and whistles

archaic trumpery

2usually fripperies‘one of those shops that sells charming fripperies’


trinket, bauble, knick-knack, gewgaw, gimcrack, bibelot, furbelow, ornament, novelty, curiosity, gimmick, trifle, bagatelle

informal whatnot

British informal doodah, doobry

archaic folderol, fallalery, whim-wham, kickshaw, bijou, gaud