Synonyms of flow in English:


See definition of flow


1‘the water flowed down the channel she had dug’


run, move, go along, course, pass, proceed, glide, slide, drift, circulate, trickle, dribble, drizzle, spill, gurgle, babble, ripple

stream, swirl, surge, sweep, gush, cascade, pour, roll, rush, whirl, well, spurt, spout, squirt, spew, jet

leak, seep, ooze, percolate, drip

2‘many questions flow from today's announcement’


result, proceed, arise, follow, ensue, derive, stem, accrue

originate, emanate, spring, emerge

be caused by, be brought about by, be produced by, originate in


1‘the pump produces a good flow of water’


movement, motion, course, passage, current, flux, drift, circulation

stream, swirl, surge, sweep, gush, roll, rush, welling, spate, tide, spurt, squirt, jet, outpouring, outflow

trickle, leak, seepage, ooze, percolation, drip