Synonyms of flap in English:


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1‘the mallards flapped their wings angrily’


beat, flutter, move up and down, agitate, wave, wag, waggle, shake, swing, twitch

thresh, thrash, flail

vibrate, quiver, tremble, oscillate

2‘his shirt tails flapped in the breeze’


flutter, swing, sway, ripple, undulate, stir, shake, quiver, shiver, tremble, fly, blow

3‘it was a deliberate ploy to make us flap’


panic, go into a panic, become flustered, be agitated, fuss

informal press the panic button, be in a state, be in a tizzy, be in a dither, be in a twitter


1‘large pockets with buttoned flaps’


fold, overhang, overlap, covering

lappet, lap, tab

2‘the surviving bird made a few final despairing flaps’


flutter, fluttering, beat, beating, waving, shaking, flailing

3‘I'm in a frightful flap about leaving’


panic, fluster, state of agitation, state of panic

informal state, dither, twitter, blue funk, stew, tizz, tizzy, tiz-woz

North American informal twit

4‘she created a flap when she came out with her controversial statement’


fuss, agitation, commotion, stir, hubbub, excitement, tumult, ado, storm, uproar, flurry

informal controversy, to-do, palaver, brouhaha, furore

informal ballyhoo, hoopla, hoo-ha, song and dance

British informal carry-on, kerfuffle