Synonyms of filth in English:


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1‘he grew up among the filth of the coal mines and steel mills’


dirt, muck, grime, mud, mire, sludge, slime, ooze, foul matter

excrement, excreta, dung, manure, ordure, sewage

rubbish, refuse, garbage, trash, dross, scum

pollution, contamination, defilement, decay, putrefaction, putrescence

squalor, squalidness, sordidness, shabbiness, sleaziness, filthiness, uncleanness, foulness, nastiness

informal crud, grot, gunge, grunge, yuck

2‘I felt sick to my stomach after reading that filth’


pornography, pornographic films, pornographic literature, pornographic videos, dirty books, smut, vice

obscenity, indecency, corruption, lewdness, rudeness, vulgarity, coarseness, crudeness, grossness, vileness, nastiness, immorality

informal porn, hard porn, soft porn, porno, raunchiness