Synonyms of fearfully in English:


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1‘she opened the door fearfully’


apprehensively, uneasily, nervously, timidly, timorously, diffidently, hesitantly

with apprehension, with trepidation, with bated breath, with one's heart in one's mouth

2‘Stephanie looked fearfully glamorous’


extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, remarkably, uncommonly, extraordinarily, incredibly, most, very, really, immensely, thoroughly, positively, decidedly, downright

Scottish unco

North American quite

tremendously, awfully, terribly, frightfully, dreadfully, terrifically, desperately, seriously, devilishly, hugely, fantastically, madly, ultra, too … for words, mucho, mega, majorly, oh-so

British jolly, ever so, dead, well, fair, right

North American real, mighty, awful, plumb, powerful, way

South African lekker

dated devilish, hellish, frightfully

archaic exceeding