Synonyms of fearful in English:


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1‘they are fearful of being overheard by the enemy’


afraid, frightened, scared, scared stiff, scared to death, terrified, petrified

alarmed, panicky, nervous, tense, apprehensive, uneasy, hesitant, disquieted, worried, worried sick, anxious

British nervy

informal jittery, jumpy, in a funk, in a blue funk

dialect frit

archaic afeared, affrighted

2‘the guards were ill trained and fearful’


nervous, trembling, quaking, quivering, shrinking, cowering, cowed, daunted

timid, timorous, diffident, faint-hearted, cowardly, pusillanimous

British nervy

informal jittery, jumpy, twitchy, keyed up, yellow, chicken, in a cold sweat, a bundle of nerves, like a cat on a hot tin roof, frightened of one's own shadow

British informal having kittens, like a cat on hot bricks, windy, stressy

North American informal spooked, spooky, antsy

dated overstrung, unquiet

3‘there has been a fearful accident’


terrible, dreadful, awful, appalling, frightful, ghastly, horrific, horrible, horrifying, horrendous, very bad, terribly bad, shocking, atrocious, abominable, hideous, monstrous, dire, grim, unspeakable, gruesome, grievous, lamentable, distressing, harrowing, alarming



4‘he was in a fearful hurry’


very great, great, extreme, real, dreadful

terrible, impossible

British right, proper