Synonyms of fathom in English:


See definition of fathom


1‘Charlie tried to fathom the expression on his friend's face’


understand, comprehend, work out, fathom out, make sense of, grasp, catch, follow, perceive, make out, penetrate, divine, search out, ferret out, puzzle out, take in, assimilate, absorb, get to the bottom of

interpret, decipher, decode, disentangle, untangle, unravel, piece together

informal make head or tail of, take on board, get a fix on, catch the drift of, get the drift of, tumble to, crack, dig, get, get the picture, get the message, see what's what

British informal twig, suss, suss out

North American informal savvy

rare cognize

2‘an attempt to fathom the ocean’


measure the depth of, sound, plumb, probe

gauge, estimate