Synonyms of faculty in English:


See definition of faculty


1‘the faculty of speech’


power, capability, capacity, facility, potential, potentiality, propensity, wherewithal, means, preparedness

senses, wits, reason, intelligence

2‘he had a quite unusual faculty for unearthing contributors’


ability, proficiency, competence, capability, potential, capacity, facility, readiness

aptitude, talent, gift, flair, bent, skill, knack, finesse, genius

expertise, expertness, adeptness, adroitness, dexterity, prowess, mastery, artistry, accomplishment

propensity, inclination, natural ability, suitability, fitness

head, mind, brain

informal know-how

3‘the arts faculty’


department, school, division, section

4‘the vicar introduced certain ornaments without the necessary faculty to do so’


authorization, authority, power, right, permission, consent, leave, sanction, licence, dispensation, assent, acquiescence, agreement, approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, imprimatur, clearance

informal the go-ahead, the thumbs up, the OK, the green light, say-so

rare permit