Synonyms of expert in English:


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1‘he is an expert in kendo’


specialist, authority, pundit, oracle, resource person

adept, maestro, virtuoso, master, past master, professional, genius, wizard

connoisseur, aficionado, one of the cognoscenti, cognoscente, doyen, savant

informal ace, buff, ninja, pro, whizz, hotshot, old hand, alpha geek

British informal dab hand

North American informal maven, crackerjack

rare proficient


inexpert, amateur


1‘an expert chess player’


skilful, skilled, adept, accomplished, talented, fine

master, masterly, brilliant, virtuoso, bravura, magnificent, marvellous, wonderful, outstanding, great, exceptional, superlative, formidable, excellent, dazzling, first-class, first-rate, elite, superb

proficient, good, able, apt, capable, competent, clever

experienced, practised, qualified, knowledgeable, well versed

specialist, professional

deft, dexterous, adroit

au fait

informal wizard, ace, stellar, class, crack, top-notch, out of this world, mean, A1, demon, genius

vulgar slang shit hot


inexpert, incompetent