Synonyms of expectant in English:


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1‘hundreds of expectant fans’


eager, excited, agog, waiting with bated breath, breathless, waiting, anticipatory, hopeful

in suspense, on tenterhooks, on the edge of one's seat, keyed up, on pins and needles, anxious



2‘an expectant mother’


pregnant, having a baby, having a child, carrying a child


informal expecting, in the family way, expecting a happy event, eating for two, preggers, preggy, with a bun in the oven, with one in the oven

British informal up the duff, in the club, in the pudding club, up the spout, up the stick

North American informal knocked up

Australian informal preggo, clucky

dated, informal in trouble, in pod

technical gravid, parturient

archaic with child, big with child, heavy with child, in a delicate condition, in an interesting condition, childing, on the way

rare impregnate