Synonyms of exhausted in English:


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1‘I must go to bed—I'm exhausted’


tired out, worn out, weary, dog-tired, bone-tired, bone-weary, ready to drop, on one's last legs, asleep on one's feet, drained, fatigued, enervated, debilitated, spent


out of breath, breathless, panting, puffing, puffed, puffed out, puffing and blowing, gasping, gasping for breath

informal done in, all in, dead on one's feet, beat, dead beat, shattered, bushed, fagged out, knocked out, wiped out, running on empty, zonked out, worn to a frazzle, frazzled, bushwhacked

British informal knackered, whacked, whacked out, shagged out, jiggered

Scottish informal wabbit

North American informal pooped, tuckered out, fried, whipped

NZ Australian informal stonkered

British vulgar slang buggered

NZ Australian vulgar slang rooted

archaic toilworn

rare fordone


fresh as a daisy, raring to go

2‘the treasury's exhausted reserves’


used up, at an end, consumed, finished, spent, depleted

empty, drained, impoverished, bankrupt


replenished, restocked