Synonyms of exert in English:


See definition of exert


1‘he exerted considerable emotional pressure on me’


bring to bear, apply, bring into play, exercise, employ, use, make use of, utilize, deploy


expend, spend

2‘he had been exerting himself to make a good impression on her’


make an effort, try hard, strive, endeavour, apply oneself, do one's best, do all one can, do one's utmost, give one's all, make every effort, spare no effort, be at pains, put oneself out

struggle, labour, toil, strain, push oneself, drive oneself, work hard, work like a Trojan

cudgel one's brains, rack one's brains

informal give it one's best shot, go all out, pull out all the stops, bend over backwards, lean over backwards, put one's back into it, knock oneself out, do one's damnedest, move heaven and earth, beaver away, slog away, keep one's nose to the grindstone, work one's socks off, break sweat

North American informal do one's darnedest, do one's durnedest, bust one's chops

Australian informal go for the doctor