Synonyms of execute in English:


See definition of execute


1‘he was convicted of treason and executed’


put to death, carry out a sentence of death on, kill

hang, send to the gibbet, behead, guillotine, decapitate, electrocute, shoot, put before a firing squad, send to the gas chamber, garrotte, crucify, stone to death


North American send to the electric chair, send to the chair

informal string up

North American informal fry

historical bowstring

2‘the corporation executed a series of financial deals’


carry out, accomplish, perform, implement, effect, bring off, bring about, achieve, carry off, carry through, complete, enact, enforce, put into effect, put into practice, do, discharge, prosecute, engineer, administer, attain, realize, fulfil


informal pull off, swing, cut

archaic acquit oneself of

rare effectuate

3‘a variety act which is cleverly conceived and fairly well executed’


perform, present, render

stage, put on