Synonyms of excel in English:


See definition of excel


1‘he excelled at football’


shine, be very good, be excellent, be brilliant, be outstanding, be skilful, be talented, be proficient, be expert, be pre-eminent, reign supreme, wear the crown, stand out, be the best, be unrivalled, be unparalleled, be unequalled, be without equal, be second to none, be unsurpassed

rare be unexampled

2‘she excelled him in her command of the language’


surpass, outdo, outshine, outclass, outstrip, beat, beat hollow, top, cap, transcend, be better than, be superior to, go one better than, better, pass, eclipse, overshadow, put in the shade, put to shame

informal best, leave standing, be head and shoulders above, be a cut above

archaic extinguish, outrival, outvie