Synonyms of even in English:


See definition of even


1‘it is easier to print on an even surface’


flat, smooth, uniform, featureless, unbroken, undamaged, unwrinkled

level, levelled, plane, flush, true

informal flat as a pancake, as flat as a pancake

technical planar

rare homaloidal


uneven, bumpy

2‘electric fan ovens have a more even temperature than gas’


uniform, constant, steady, stable, consistent, changeless, unvarying, unchanging, unwavering, unfluctuating, unaltering, regular


variable, irregular

3‘all participants are given an even chance’


equal, the same, much the same, identical, like, alike, similar, to the same degree, comparable, commensurate, corresponding, parallel, on a par, on an equal footing, evenly matched

informal even-steven, even-stevens



4‘he played a perfect ball to keep the score even’


level, drawn, tied, all square, balanced, on a par, on an equal footing

neck and neck, nip and tuck, with nothing to choose between them

British level pegging

informal even-steven, even-stevens


unequal, uneven

5‘the child was of an even disposition’


even-tempered, well balanced, stable, equable, placid, serene, calm, composed, poised, tranquil, cool, cool, calm, and collected, cool-headed, relaxed, easy, imperturbable, unexcitable, unruffled, unflustered, unagitated, unworried, untroubled, unbothered

informal together, laid-back, unflappable, unfazed

rare equanimous


moody, excitable


1‘the canal bottom was evened out’


flatten, make flat, make level, level, level off, level out, smooth, smooth out, smooth off, make flush, plane, make uniform, make regular

2‘the union wants to even up the differences in wages’


equalize, make equal, make even, make level, level up, make the same, balance, square

make uniform, make comparable, standardize, regularize

rare equilibrize


1‘the weather became even colder’


still, yet, more so, all the more, all the greater, to a greater extent

2‘even the best hitters missed the ball’


surprisingly, unexpectedly, paradoxically, though it may seem strange, believe it or not, as it happens

3‘she is too afraid, even ashamed, to ask for help’


indeed, you could say, possibly, more precisely, veritably, in truth, actually, or rather, nay

4‘she couldn't even afford the essentials’


so much as, hardly, barely, scarcely


    get even

      ‘he has been wronged and he has sworn to get even’


      have one's revenge, take one's revenge, be revenged, revenge oneself, avenge oneself, take vengeance, even the score, settle accounts, settle the score, hit back, give as good as one gets, return tit for tat, return like for like, pay someone back, repay someone, reciprocate, retaliate, take reprisals, exact retribution, demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

      give someone their just deserts, let someone see how it feels


      get back at someone, get one's own back, give someone a taste of their own medicine, give someone their comeuppance, fix someone, sort someone out, settle someone's hash, cook someone's goose

    even as

      ‘we laugh even as we empathize with his discomfort’


      while, whilst, as, at the time that, at the same time that, just as, at the very time that, at the very moment that, exactly when, during the time that

    even so

      ‘I feel better, but the doubts persist even so’


      nevertheless, nonetheless, all the same, just the same, anyway, anyhow, still, yet, however, notwithstanding, despite that, in spite of that, for all that, be that as it may, in any event, at any rate


      still and all


      withal, natheless, howbeit