Synonyms of estimate in English:


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1‘the first thing to do is to estimate the cost’


roughly calculate, approximate, make an estimate of, guess, evaluate, judge, gauge, reckon, rate, appraise, form an opinion of, form an impression of, get the measure of, determine, weigh up

informal size up, guesstimate

2‘we estimate the carpet to be worth about £50,000’


consider, believe, guess, reckon, deem, hold, judge, adjudge, surmise, rate, gauge, take, suppose

regard as being, view as being, see as being, class as being, think of as being, look on as being

be of the opinion, conjecture

formal opine


1‘an estimate of the repair cost’


rough calculation, approximation, estimation, educated guess, informed guess, rough guess, impression

approximate cost, approximate price, approximate value, estimated cost, estimated price, estimated value

costing, quotation, pricing, valuation, evaluation, assessment, appraisal

informal guesstimate

2‘his estimate of Paul's integrity dropped a few notches’


evaluation, estimation, judgement, gauging, rating, appraisal, opinion, view, analysis