Synonyms of establishment in English:


See definition of establishment


1‘the establishment of a democratic constitution’


setting up, start, getting going, initiation, institution, formation, founding, foundation, inception, creation, inauguration, organization, building, construction, installation


disbandment, demolition

2‘her house was turned into a dressmaking establishment’


business, place of business, premises, firm, company, concern, enterprise, venture, organization, operation, undertaking, industry

factory, plant, house, shop, store, emporium, office, bureau, agency, franchise, practice, partnership, consortium, cooperative, corporation, conglomerate, group, combine, syndicate

informal outfit, set-up

3‘graduates of higher educational establishments’


institution, place, premises, foundation, institute

4the Establishment‘an irreverent comedy series that dared to poke fun at the Establishment’


the powers that be, the authorities, the system, the ruling class, the regime, bureaucracy, officialdom

the status quo, the prevailing political order, the prevailing social order

informal Big Brother

archaic the regimen