Synonyms of erotic in English:


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1‘erotic literature’


sexually arousing, sexually exciting, sexually stimulating

titillating, salacious, prurient, lubricious, suggestive

pornographic, sexually explicit, lewd, smutty, hard-core, soft-core, dirty, off colour, indecent, improper, filthy, vulgar, crude

libidinous, lustful, lascivious, lecherous, licentious

sexual, sexy, sensual, carnal, venereal, amatory

seductive, alluring, tantalizing, desirable, aphrodisiac

racy, risqué, ribald, naughty, bawdy, earthy, spicy, Rabelaisian

erogenous, erotogenic

informal blue, X-rated, steamy, raunchy, randy, horny

euphemistic adult

formal concupiscent

rare venereous, anacreontic