Synonyms of eminence in English:


See definition of eminence


1‘his eminence as a scientist is well known’


illustriousness, distinction, renown, pre-eminence, notability, greatness, calibre, prestige, importance, reputation, repute, note

fame, celebrity, prominence

stature, standing, rank, station

2‘her first-class mind made her an eminence in the British establishment’


important person, influential person, distinguished person, dignitary, luminary, worthy, grandee, notable, notability, personage, leading light, VIP

informal somebody, someone, bigwig, big shot, big noise, big gun, big cheese, nob, lady muck, heavyweight

North American informal big wheel, big kahuna, top banana, big enchilada

3‘the hotel dominated Scarborough from its eminence above the sea’


elevation, rise, raised ground, rising ground, height, hill, bank, mound