Synonyms of echo in English:


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1‘the hills sent back a faint echo of my shout’


reverberation, reverberating, reflection, resounding, ringing, repetition, repeat, reiteration, answer

2‘the scene she described was an echo of the one Lisa had always imagined’


duplicate, copy, replica, facsimile, reproduction, imitation, close likeness, exact likeness, mirror image, twin, double, clone, match, mate, fellow, counterpart, parallel

informal lookalike, spitting image, ringer, dead ringer

3‘was there even the slightest echo of the love they had known?’


trace, vestige, remains, remnant, relic, survival, ghost, memory, evocation, recollection, remembrance, reminiscence, reminder, souvenir, sign, mark, indication, token, suggestion, hint, evidence, clue, allusion, intimation

overtones, reminiscences


1‘his laughter echoed round the room’


reverberate, re-echo, resonate, resound, reflect, ring, pulsate, vibrate, be repeated

2‘Bill echoed Rex's words in a sarcastic sing-song’


repeat, say again, restate, reiterate, copy, imitate, parrot, parody, mimic

reproduce, iterate, recite, quote, rehearse, recapitulate, regurgitate

informal recap, trot out

rare reprise, ingeminate