Synonyms of eccentric in English:


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1‘they were worried by his eccentric behaviour’


unconventional, uncommon, abnormal, irregular, aberrant, anomalous, odd, queer, strange, peculiar, weird, bizarre, off-centre, outlandish, freakish, extraordinary

idiosyncratic, quirky, singular, nonconformist, capricious, whimsical

outré, avant garde

informal way out, far out, offbeat, dotty, nutty, screwy, freaky, oddball, wacky, cranky, off the wall, madcap, zany

British informal rum

North American informal kooky, wacko, bizarro, in left field


ordinary, conventional


1‘like all princes he was something of an eccentric’


oddity, odd fellow, unorthodox person, character, individualist, individual, free spirit, misfit

informal oddball, queer fish, weirdo, weirdie, freak, nut, nutter, nutcase, case, head case, crank, crackpot, loony, loon

British informal one-off, odd bod

North American informal wacko, wack, screwball, kook

US informal wackadoo, wackadoodle

NZ Australian informal dingbat