Synonyms of dust in English:


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1‘all of the furniture was covered in dust’


fine powder, fine particles

dirt, grime, filth, smut, soot

2‘they rolled in the dust, fighting’


earth, soil, dirt, clay

ground, sod


1‘she dusted her mantelpiece’


wipe, clean, buff, brush, sweep, mop

2‘dust the cake with icing sugar’


sprinkle, scatter, powder, dredge, sift, spray, cover, spread, strew

dot, fleck, freckle, dab

literary befleck, bestrew, besprinkle


    bite the dust

      1‘they bit the dust with our harsh winter’


      die, pass away, pass on, expire, decease, perish, depart this life, be no more, breathe one's last, draw one's last breath, meet one's end, meet one's death, meet one's Maker, give up the ghost, go to the great beyond, cross the great divide, shuffle off this mortal coil, go the way of all flesh, go the way of the flesh, go to one's last resting place

      kick the bucket, croak, conk out, buy it, turn up one's toes, cash in one's chips, go belly up


      snuff it, peg out, pop one's clogs

      2‘he was devastated when the plans bit the dust’


      fail, be unsuccessful, not succeed, lack success, fall through, fall flat, break down, abort, miscarry, be defeated, suffer defeat, be in vain, be frustrated, collapse, founder, misfire, backfire, not come up to scratch, meet with disaster, come to grief, come to nothing, come to naught, miss the mark, run aground, go astray

      flop, fizzle out, come a cropper, bomb, blow up in someone's face, go down like a lead balloon

    kick up a dust


      make a fuss, kick up a fuss, cause a row, cause a commotion, cause a disturbance, cause uproar, cause a fracas, cause a rumpus, make a racket