Synonyms of dregs in English:


See definition of dregs


1‘the dregs from a bottle of wine’


sediment, deposit, residue, remains, accumulation

slops, sludge

scum, debris, dross, detritus, refuse

lees, grounds, scourings

technical precipitate, sublimate, residuum, settlings, alluvium

literary draff

archaic grouts

2‘the dregs of humanity’


scum, refuse

rabble, vermin

down-and-outs, good-for-nothings, outcasts, deadbeats, tramps, vagrants

the underclass, the untouchables, the lowest of the low, the great unwashed, the hoi polloi, the ragtag, the ragtag and bobtail, the canaille

informal riff-raff, Z-list, trash, dossers