Synonyms of dragoon in English:


See definition of dragoon


1‘the dragoons charged our left flank’


cavalryman, mounted soldier, horse soldier, cavalier, knight, chevalier

carabineer, hussar, lancer, cuirassier, sabreur


1‘he dragooned his friends into amateur dramatics’


coerce, pressure, pressurize, bring pressure to bear on, use pressure on, put pressure on, constrain, lean on, press, push

force, compel, impel, oblige, put under an obligation, squeeze, hound, harass, nag, harry, badger, goad, drive, prod, pester, browbeat, brainwash, bludgeon, bully, threaten, tyrannize, prevail on, work on, act on, influence, intimidate, twist someone's arm, strong-arm

North American blackjack

informal bulldoze, railroad, put the screws on, put the squeeze on

British informal bounce

North American informal hustle, fast-talk