Synonyms of dodge in English:


See definition of dodge


1‘she dodged into a telephone booth’


dart, bolt, duck, dive, swerve, body-swerve, sidestep, veer, lunge, jump, leap, spring

2‘he could easily dodge the two coppers in the car’


elude, evade, avoid, stay away from, steer clear of, escape, run away from, break away from, lose, leave behind, shake, shake off, fend off, keep at arm's length, give someone a wide berth, keep one's distance from

deceive, trick, cheat

North American end-run

informal ditch, give someone the slip

3‘the Secretary of State may try to dodge the debate’


avoid, evade, shun, get out of, slide out of, back out of, steer clear of, sidestep, circumvent, skirt round, bypass, give something a miss, find a way out of

informal duck, wriggle out of, cop out of

British informal funk, skive, skive off

North American informal cut

NZ Australian informal duck-shove

archaic decline, bilk


face up to, tackle


1‘he made a dodge to the right’


dart, bolt, duck, dive, swerve, jump, leap, spring

2‘a clever dodge for covering up the car's real origins’


ruse, ploy, scheme, tactic, stratagem, subterfuge, trick, hoax, wile, cheat, deception, blind, pretext, manoeuvre, device, machination, contrivance, artifice, expedient

swindle, fraud, loophole

informal scam, con, con trick, set-up, wangle

British informal wheeze

North American informal bunco, grift

Australian informal lurk, rort

British dated, informal flanker

archaic shift