Synonyms of do someone/something in in English:

do someone/something in

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1‘the poor devil's been done in’


kill, put to death, do to death, put an end to, finish off, take the life of, end the life of, murder, assassinate, execute, slaughter, butcher, wipe out, mow down, shoot down, cut down

dispatch, liquidate, exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, destroy

do away with, bump off, knock off, polish off, top, take out, snuff out, snuff, erase, croak, stiff, zap, blow away, blow someone's brains out, give someone the works

North American ice, off, rub out, waste, whack, scrag, smoke

North American euphemistic terminate with extreme prejudice

literary slay

2‘the long walk home did me in’


wear out, tire out, exhaust, fatigue, weary, overtire, drain, prostrate, enervate, devitalize

fag out, shatter, whack, poop, take it out of

3‘I did my back in and I can't work any more’


injure, hurt, damage, maim, cripple, disable, paralyse

British knacker