Synonyms of dispose of in English:

dispose of

See definition of dispose of


1‘industrial waste was disposed of in official sites’


throw away, throw out, cast out, get rid of, do away with, discard, jettison, abandon, eject, unload

scrap, destroy

informal dump, ditch, chuck, chuck out, chuck away, junk, get shut of

British informal get shot of

North American trash



2‘he had disposed of all his costumes, props, and scenery’


part with, give away, make over, hand over, deliver up, bestow, transfer

sell, auction

unload, palm off, fob off

informal get shut of, see the back of

British informal get shot of


acquire, keep

3‘she disposed of a fourth cake’


consume, eat, eat up, devour, ingest, swallow, gobble, gobble up, wolf down, gorge oneself on, feast on

munch, snack on

drink, drink up, guzzle, gulp, gulp down, swill, imbibe, take, sup, sip, lap

tuck into, scoff, scoff down, put away, stuff down, polish off, cram in, stuff one's face with, pig oneself on, graze on, down, neck, sink, kill, get one's laughing gear round

British gollop, shift

Northern Irish gorb

North American scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up

formal manducate

rare ingurgitate

4‘he robbed her and then disposed of her’


kill, cause the death of, end the life of, take the life of, do away with, make away with, murder, assassinate, do to death, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, put to death, execute

slaughter, butcher, massacre, wipe out, destroy, annihilate, erase, eradicate, exterminate, extirpate, decimate, mow down, shoot down, cut down, cut to pieces

put down, put to sleep

bump off, polish off, do in, do for, knock off, top, take out, croak, stiff, blow away, liquidate

North American ice, off, rub out, waste, whack, scrag, smoke

literary slay

5‘she disposed of her errand and went home’


deal with, discharge, execute, perform, do, sort out, settle, finish, conclude, end, dispatch