Synonyms of discourse in English:


See definition of discourse


1‘a small group of women had chosen to prolong their discourse outside the door’


discussion, conversation, talk, dialogue, communication, conference, debate, consultation, verbal exchange

parley, powwow, chat

Indian adda

NZ korero

informal confab, chit-chat

formal confabulation

rare palaver, colloquy, converse, interlocution

2‘a discourse on critical theory’


essay, treatise, dissertation, paper, study, critique, monograph, disquisition, tract

lecture, address, speech, oration, peroration

sermon, homily


1‘she could discourse at great length on the history of Europe’


hold forth, expatiate, pontificate

talk, give a talk, give an address, give a speech, lecture, sermonize, preach, orate

write learnedly, write at length

informal spout, spiel, speechify, preachify, sound off

archaic perorate, lucubrate

rare dissertate

2‘he spent an hour discoursing with his supporters’


converse, talk, speak, have a discussion, discuss matters, debate, confer, consult, parley, chat

informal have a confab, chew the fat, rap

formal confabulate