Synonyms of dignitary in English:


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1‘there are many foreign dignitaries attending today's ceremony’


grandee, important person, VIP, very important person, notable, notability, worthy, personage, luminary, public figure, pillar of society, leading light, leader, panjandrum

famous person, distinguished person, eminent person, eminence, celebrity, celebutante, personality, name, big name, household name, star, superstar

informal heavyweight, bigwig, biggie, top brass, top dog, Mr Big, big gun, big shot, big noise, big fish, big cheese, big chief, supremo, somebody, someone, celeb, Lord Muck, Lady Muck

British informal nob

North American informal big wheel, kahuna, big kahuna, big enchilada, top banana, macher, high muckamuck, high muckety-muck