Synonyms of digest in English:


See definition of digest


1‘babies take longer to digest formula milk’


break down, dissolve, assimilate, absorb, take in, take up

2‘they take ages to digest even simple facts’


assimilate, absorb, take in, understand, comprehend, grasp, master, learn, familiarize oneself with

consider, think about, contemplate, mull over, chew over, weigh up, reflect on, ponder, meditate on, study

informal get, get the hang of, pick up, get clued up about, get the point of

3‘the source material needs to be digested’


classify, catalogue, tabulate, codify, arrange, order, dispose, systematize, methodize

condense, compress, compact, telescope, summarize, precis, abstract

rare epitomize


1‘a digest of current world news is published monthly’


summary, synopsis, abstract, precis, résumé, outline, sketch, rundown, quick rundown, round-up, abridgement, summation, review, compendium

North American wrap-up

archaic argument

rare epitome, summa, conspectus