Synonyms of dialogue in English:


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1‘he studied dialogue among kindergarten children’


conversation, talk, communication, interchange, discourse, argument

chat, chatter, chit-chat, chitter-chatter, gossip

informal jawing, gassing, gabbing

British informal nattering, chinwagging

Australian informal convo

formal confabulation

archaic converse

rare interlocution, duologue, colloquy

2‘they called for a serious political dialogue’


discussion, exchange, debate, discourse, exchange of views, head-to-head, tête-à-tête, consultation, conference, parley, interview, question and answer session

talks, negotiations

informal powwow, rap session, confab

North American informal skull session, rap

formal confabulation

3‘the actors learnt the dialogue by heart’


script, text, screenplay, speech

lines, words, parts, spoken parts