Synonyms of devour in English:


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1‘she watched him as he devoured his meal’


eat hungrily, eat quickly, eat greedily, eat heartily, eat up, swallow, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, guzzle, guzzle down, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, cram down, gorge oneself on, wolf, wolf down, feast on, consume

informal scoff, scoff down, pack away, demolish, dispose of, make short work of, polish off, shovel down, stuff one's face with, stuff oneself with, stuff, stuff down, pig oneself on, pig out on, sink, put away, tuck away, get outside of, get one's laughing gear round

British informal gollop, shift

Northern Irish informal gorb

North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, inhale

rare ingurgitate

2‘we watched in dismay as the flames devoured the old house’


destroy, consume, engulf, envelop, demolish, lay waste, wipe out, annihilate, devastate

raze, gut, ravage, ruin, wreck

3‘he was devoured by remorse’


afflict, torture, plague, bedevil, trouble, harrow, rack

consume, swallow up, engulf, swamp, overcome, overwhelm