Synonyms of devil in English:


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1‘they perform the ritual of driving out the devils from their bodies’


evil spirit, demon, fiend, imp, bogie, ghost, spectre

informal spook

archaic bugbear

rare cacodemon

2‘look what the cruel devil has done to me’


brute, beast, monster, savage, demon, fiend

villain, sadist, barbarian, terror, ogre

informal swine, bastard, pig

Scottish informal radge

vulgar slang shit

3‘he is four and a naughty little devil’


rascal, rogue, imp, demon, fiend, monkey, wretch, scamp, mischief-maker, troublemaker, badly behaved child

mischief, monster, horror, holy terror

British perisher

Irish spalpeen

Northern English tyke, scally

North American varmint, hellion

archaic scapegrace, rapscallion, jackanapes

4‘the poor devils looked as though they could do with some refreshment’


wretch, unfortunate, creature, soul, person, fellow

thing, beggar, bastard

British vulgar slang sod, bugger