Synonyms of determine in English:


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1‘it is this last pair of chromosomes which determines the sex of the embryo’


control, decide, regulate, direct, rule, dictate, govern, condition, form, shape

affect, have an effect on, influence, exert influence on, sway, act on, work on, mould, modify, alter, touch, have an impact on, impact on

2‘he determined to sell up and go abroad’


resolve, decide, come to a decision, make a decision, reach a decision, make up one's mind, choose, elect, opt

formal purpose

3‘the rent shall be determined by a qualified accountant’


specify, set, fix, decide on, come to a decision about, settle, assign, designate, allot, arrange, choose, name, appoint, establish, authorize, ordain, prescribe, decree

4‘the first step is to determine the composition of the raw materials’


find out, discover, ascertain, learn, establish, fix, settle, decide, calculate, work out, make out, fathom, fathom out, come to know, get to know, ferret out, deduce, divine, intuit, diagnose, discern, check, verify, confirm, make certain of, certify

informal figure out, get a fix on

5‘I am not sure what determined her to write to me’


prompt, impel, induce, influence, sway, lead, move, cause, motivate, stimulate, prod, spur on, provoke, incite, dispose, incline, persuade, encourage, urge, inspire