Synonyms of denounce in English:


See definition of denounce


1‘the pope denounced abortion and the use of contraceptives’


condemn, criticize, attack, censure, castigate, decry, revile, vilify, besmirch, discredit, damn, reject, proscribe

find fault with, cast aspersions on, malign, pour scorn on, rail against, inveigh against, fulminate against, declaim against, give something a bad press, run something down

North American slur

informal bad-mouth, knock, pan, slam, hammer, blast, hit out at, lay into, lace into, pull to pieces, pull apart, savage, maul

British informal slate, slag off, have a go at, give some stick to

archaic rate, slash, reprobate

rare vituperate, excoriate, arraign, objurgate, asperse, anathematize, animadvert on, denunciate



2‘he feared he would be denounced as a traitor’


expose, betray, inform against, inform on

incriminate, implicate, cite, name, accuse

informal do

archaic inculpate