Synonyms of demolish in English:


See definition of demolish


1‘the explosion demolished a block of flats’


knock down, pull down, tear down, bring down, destroy, flatten, raze, raze to the ground, level, reduce to ruins, bulldoze, break up, topple

blow up, blow to bits, blow to pieces, obliterate, annihilate, wipe off the face of the earth, wipe off the map

dismantle, disassemble

North American informal total

dated throw down

rare unbuild


build, construct

2‘they have demolished her credibility’


destroy, ruin, wreck, put an end to, smash, crush, squelch, squash

refute, disprove, prove wrong, discredit, overturn, explode, give the lie to, drive a coach and horses through

informal shoot full of holes, blow sky-high, blow out of the water, do for


confirm, strengthen

3‘Arsenal demolished Coventry City 3–0’


defeat utterly, beat hollow, win a resounding victory over, crush, drub, rout, give someone a drubbing, overwhelm

hammer, clobber, thrash, paste, give someone a pasting, whip, pound, pulverize, destroy, annihilate, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, slaughter, murder, massacre, crucify, flatten, turn inside out, run rings around

British stuff

North American shellac, blow out, cream, skunk

US own

4‘Brown was busy demolishing a sausage roll’


devour, eat, eat up, consume, guzzle, gobble, wolf down, polish off, finish off, gulp down, bolt

informal put away, nosh, get outside of, pack away, shovel down, scoff, scoff down, stuff one's face with, stuff oneself with, pig oneself on, pig out on, sink, get one's laughing gear round

informal gollop, shift

North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, inhale

rare ingurgitate