Synonyms of declare in English:


See definition of declare


1‘she loses no opportunity to declare her political principles’


proclaim, announce, make known, state, communicate, reveal, divulge, mention, talk about, raise, moot, air, bring into the open, voice, articulate, pronounce, express, vent, set forth, make public, publicize, disseminate, circulate, publish, broadcast, promulgate, trumpet, blazon

informal come out with, shout from the rooftops

literary noise abroad, blazon abroad

rare preconize

2‘he declared that the defendants were guilty’


assert, maintain, state, aver, affirm, contend, argue, insist, hold, profess, move, claim, allege, avow, vow, swear, attest, testify, certify

informal make out

technical depose, represent

formal opine

archaic avouch

rare asseverate

3‘his speech and bearing declared him a gentleman’


show to be, reveal as, confirm as, prove to be, validate as, certify to someone's being, attest to someone's being