Synonyms of debate in English:


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1‘I would welcome a debate on the reforms’


discussion, exchange of views, discourse, parley

argument, dispute, wrangle, altercation, war of words

arguing, argumentation, wrangling, sparring, disputation, dissension, disagreement, controversy, contention, conflict, disharmony

negotiations, talks

dialogue, comment, interest

informal confab, powwow, rap session

rare velitation, contestation


1‘MPs will debate the future of the railways’


discuss, confer about, talk over, talk through, talk about, exchange views on, exchange views about, thrash out, argue, argue about, argue the pros and cons of, dispute, wrangle over, bandy words concerning, contend over, contest, controvert, moot

informal kick about, kick around, bat about, bat around

archaic altercate

2‘he debated whether to telephone Charlotte’


consider, give some thought to, think over, think about, chew over, mull over, turn over in one's mind, weigh up, ponder, deliberate, reflect, contemplate, muse, meditate, cogitate

archaic pore on

rare cerebrate