Synonyms of crock in English:


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1‘she took out bread and a crock of honey’


earthenware pot, pot, jar, urn, pitcher, jug, ewer

vessel, container, receptacle, repository

North American creamer

historical jorum

archaic reservatory

2crocks‘I washed up the dirty crocks’


crockery, pots, dishes, plates, bowls, cups

dinner things, tea things

pottery, earthenware, stoneware

3‘these days I'm a bit of an old crock’


invalid, infirm person, decrepit person, feeble person

old person, senior citizen, senior, pensioner, old-age pensioner, OAP

fogey, old fogey, dotard

crumbly, wrinkly, old stager, old timer, oldie, ancient

offensive geriatric