Synonyms of criticism in English:


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1‘in football management you come to expect criticism’


censure, reproval, condemnation, denunciation, disapproval, disparagement, opprobrium, captiousness, fault-finding, carping, cavilling

chastisement, castigation, upbraiding, berating, abuse, vituperation, scolding, chiding

reproofs, remonstrances, broadsides, strictures, admonishments, recriminations, aspersions, slurs, smears

informal nitpicking, knocking, panning, slamming, flak, a bad press, brickbats, knocks, raps, bad notices

British informal stick, verbal, slagging off, slagging, slating

Australian informal sledge

archaic contumely

rare animadversion, objurgation, excoriation, reprobation, arraignment

2‘the book was distributed to people for criticism’


evaluation, assessment, examination, appreciation, appraisal, analysis, judgement

comment, commentary, interpretation, explanation, explication, elucidation, annotation, notation

opinions, views, observations, pronouncements, remarks, notes

rare scholia